Change is a necessary evolution.

As my submissive, you can stay rigid and break when the breeze suddenly changes direction or you can choose to flex and sway with the angry winds. As a dominant female I do have requirements that always need to be fulfilled regardless of harmful contagions.

I still expect a loyal army of dedicated drones and so I have decided the new order of things in light of the distance that separates us. Explore this website and discover the many ways you can demonstrate servitude and add value to the life of your superior amongst all the chaos.

If you would like to be considered for a dedicated long distance role, please email me with how you think you can be of service using the 'slave mail' button below..



I will be offering text domination via WhatsApp soon. If you are interested in engaging in this way. Please send me a message via WhatsApp expressing your interest. Lines will be open Monday 13th April.  

You will be expected to choose from two options. An hourly rate includes an hour of continuous back and forth interactions including tasks, picture messages, voice notes and other media. A monthly fee will grant you 24/7 contact as more of a lifestyle engagement where I can check in on you, offer advice or play little games to keep you entertained. (Don't blame me if you lose these games and have to suffer the consequences!) 



It's the little things that matter most because it's the little things that make up life.

You can still punctuate your devotion with small tokens from my wish list. The items range from luxury to household necessities. I always value a slave who actively looks for ways to make my life easier with their devotion, which is why I make things easier by including some weekly essentials to my list.

Purchasing from my Wishlist enables you to send gifts anonymously or with a note attached. Amazon vouchers can also be sent as an alternative using the email: Mistress@MissKittyDomme.co.uk




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