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Still Have Questions?

Q:  What is the tribute?

A:  Tributes are dependant on a number of factors and I encourage you to contact me with your ideal scenario so I can provide the appropriate tribute or discuss options.

Q:   Where do I find your availability?

A:  I offer sessions throughout the week, Saturday and some public holidays. Contact me directly once you have your ideal date in mind and please ensure you give a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Q: What happens when I arrive for my session?

A:  A sit down consultation is compulsory for new comers, and always available to those wanting to discuss the session before we begin. 

Q:  I have a low pain tolerance, does seeing a Mistress have to be painful?

A:  Believe it or not, it's a common misconception that visiting a Dominatrix has to be painful. I enjoy the pain-free play as much as I do the sadistic! 

Q:  How can I book a session?

A:  Read my website first and foremost. Then either by email or calling me direct, introduce yourself politely and outline what you are looking for. If you are very nervous, it's not a crime to say so. I will take this into consideration always.

Q:  Do you ever tour?

A:  Yes!, I visit London on occasion. Latest tour dates will always be listed on my main page. HERE