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Beyond live, face to face medfet sessions, I also offer a wonderland of fantasy clips featuring 'The Unethical Tooth Fairy', 'The Asylum', 'Visit to the Rubber Nurse' and the Nurse Ratched inspired 'Admitted' series. All my enthusiasm for beautiful and clinically kinky movies have been channeled into a (sometimes) horror themed medical fetish brand that even has it's own line of apparel.  

Browse the clip store and indulge in my own unique brand of medical fetish filth or read more into what activities I offer as part of my live sessions below.

Been there? Done that?



Medfet is one of my specialities. There is a common misconception that medical fetish is 'scary' or 'painful' and it absolutely can be! However, medical fetish is so much more than that.

Sometimes my patients opt to re-enact clinical experiences they remember from early life. For some, it's all about surgical gloves or the vulnerability associated with an intimate exam.

Others may seek invasive, highly sexualised scenes or a calming ritual shaving at the hands of the rubber matron.


Enemas/Prostate Play/Anal Exams • Fantasy/Realistic Role-play • Vintage Treatments • Internal/External Electro & Violet Wand • Catheters/Urethral Play • Needles/Suturing/Stapling • Specialist Surgical Glove Fetish • Surgical Scrubs/Authentic Uniforms • Gummi Clinic/Rubber Nurse • Milking Machines/Routine Empty • Assistant Nurse/Double Nurse