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Fetish; Having a particular or extreme fixation, sometimes sexually satisfying, on something specific.

For activities that deserve their own category, specialty kinks & specific fantasy fulfilment. This menu highlights niche fetishes as well as areas of special interest..

Foot fetish • Stockings • Shoes • Boots

Leather Worship • Leather Encasement
Hands • Gloves • Stiletto Nails
Transformation • Feminisation • Abstract Ideas
Rubber and Latex (See More Sensory Play

Vintage Lingerie • Fully Fashioned Hosiery 

Strange Insertions



Explore your senses...

Sensory Play


Because relinquish is sweet.

Session activities within the realm of power exchange can be as painful or painless as is necessary to ensure playtime lies within the limits of both parties. 


A safety word is always used until a trusting exchange is achieved. Mutual consent of any mentioned activities is vital for a healthy exchange.

Browse the below activity lists to spark inspiration for your specially curated session.

Not submissive but still looking to explore the world of kink and fetish?

Keep exploring...

Power Exchange
Terrormedic - Single Line - Enclosed C logo - On Trans.png
Terror Medic

Explore the intriguing world of medical fetish.

Use the arrows to investigate what Terror Medic has to offer within the realm of Medical related fetishes.

What is Terror Medic?

Beyond live, face to face medfet sessions, I also offer a wonderland of fantasy clips featuring 'The Unethical Tooth Fairy', 'The Asylum', 'Visit to the Rubber Nurse' & the Nurse Ratched inspired 'Admitted' series. All my enthusiasm for clinically kinky movies have been channeled into a (sometimes) horror themed medical fetish brand that even has it's own line of apparel.  

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