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Miss Kitty

A practice to honour, praise or otherwise raise up a person, item, higher power or idea. 

In this case, your Goddess. 

A Goddess takes power in all its forms; emotional, physical, psychological and financial.

Do you dream of dedicating yourself to a true Goddess? Perhaps pain isn't your thing but even so, you feel weak at the thought of adding to your Superior's happiness?

Perhaps the honour of slicking My superior flesh with luxurious oils would be a dream come true? Bathing my feet before towel drying them on your knees and massaging them with the finest creams and lotions?


Do you see yourself making personal sacrifices so your Mistress and divine Goddess can luxuriate herself at your expense? 


Do you wish to prostrate before Me? Laying delicate and subservient kisses up the length of my leather opera gloves and deeply breathing in the intoxicating hypnotic scent of leather…?​

A form of worship

Some submissives like an exciting kinky secret! Using a fake name and trotting off to visit their Mistress or a variety of Mistresses every now and then as an extra special treat to themselves. They often disappear as quickly as they arrive and thats okay with Me. We both have our fun and off he goes on his merry way, happy, back into the vanilla abyss. However, there are some slaves in My service who are quite simply more into treating their Mistress than themselves and gain validation from this act.


Gifts and tokens of appreciation are not necessary but My most subservient followers, those hoping to impress Me, thank Me, spoil Me rotten, wish Me a happy birthday or a happy Tuesday for that matter are welcome to do so. Sometimes it’s a good way to keep one foot in kink land provided you enjoy the perpetual gratification of your Mistress or otherwise remaining in My thoughts during times of kink abstinence.


Speaking frankly, I have encountered but a select few of the male species who have impeccable taste. For this reason, I have removed the hard part by curating the below preference guides…..and remember! Although gratuity will never inspire leniency, you want to keep your Goddess happy above all, don’t you?

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