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Specialist Fétiche and

Niche Activities.

Fetish; Having a particular or extreme fixation, sometimes sexually satisfying, on something specific.

For fetishes that deserve their own category, specialty kinks and specific fantasy fulfilment. This menu highlights niche fetishes as well as those I hope to explore and areas of special interest..

Medical Fetish

Surgical Glove Fetish - Medical Role-play (Traditional non-contrived scenes as well as fetish/kinky role-play) - External and Internal Examinations - Catheterisation and Sounding - Electrotherapy - Violet Wand - Anal Dilation (from novices to experienced anal sluts) - Clinical Restrictions - Heavy bondage and Institutional Restraints - Surgical Steel Implements - Needle-Play - Rubber Hoods - Breath-Play Hoods - Poppers Masks  - Head bandaging.


Matron K Says; My sessions are not rigid, any kinks you may have can be adapted to have a clinical twist!

The joys of being degraded 


What's humiliating to you?


Consensually speaking, I love to bully! I like the thrill gained by using my beauty as a snare to lure in weaklings until they are smitten, agreeing to do anything to put a smile on my face. It’s the closest you will ever come to pleasing me, so you may as well accept that if you want to be kept close, to keep me happy you must humiliate yourself for my amusement.. It’s the only pleasure you can hope to give me other than fiscal pleasure.

Outside of mild humiliation requested as part of many D/s based sessions, I also enjoy more extreme consensual forms of humiliation. Scenes may include the presence of others (male or female and Mistresses friends), consenting ‘forced’ bi scenes and public scenes in fetish clubs.

Being forced to consume whatever Mistress deems appropriate? Every slave perceives different interactions and situations to be 'humiliating' for them - Half the fun for ME is to sniff out what humiliates YOU the most.

Sissies and Adult Baby

Satin and Plastic Fetish - Panty Thief Role-play - Sissification - Age Regression  - Nappy Fetish  - Forced Feminisation - Humiliating Feminisation - Anal-Pussy Dilation (from novices to experienced anal sluts) - Full Makeovers - 'Girls Night In' Role-Play - Maid Training - Corset Training - 'How To Be a Girl' School - Poppers  - Waxing - Sissy Slut Training - Realistic Feminisation - Make Up Class - Chastity