ABOUT Miss Kitty.

Red Lights




I am a lifestyle Mistress and kinky fetishist at my core. I have been living and breathing kink since my early teens and have been operating professionally for over 13 years now.


I enjoy engaging with those who identify as submissive because it validates the natural Superior Female in me. As a young girl I always knew I was on a different wavelength to most, perhaps you have felt this too at some stage in your life? 

It wasn’t until I came across FemDom that I became aware of my natural skill and enthusiasm for humiliating, tormenting and frustrating submissives with my Dominant games. As a kinky individual myself, I think it’s important to mention that my interests extend far beyond power exchange and into the realms of unusual and niche fetish too.


Good etiquette, manners and polite introductions are paramount. I do not engage with any individual unwilling to play by my rules. I believe in mutual respect as a fundamental basis of any D/s interaction. 


I specialise in those new to the scene, whether it be your first session with a Dominatrix or returning to the scene after a long hiatus. I certainly empathise this may be nerve-wracking step and will do My upmost to ensure your mind and body is at ease before we begin.


I work hard to cultivate a non-judgemental environment in which My clients can feel comfortable exploring or fulfilling their personal fantasies. This should be respected at all times.


Sessions are available by appointment throughout the week including weekends. Bookings are taken by phone or email and you will be expected to call and confirm as instructed once you have made your booking.

Please be aware that I rarely return calls unless very recently missed out of respect for the personal lives of my clientele so please do endeavour to try again. I try to respond to emails promptly, however, if you require an imminent response or short notice appointment, please call.


Note: Text and private messages on social media are not appropriate methods of first contact, if you are too shy to call or compose an email, you are too shy to show up so please do not waste my time with texts.

Deposits are required if we have not met before, deposits are non-refundable if you choose to cancel.