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The Golden Rule:

Absolute amateurs are encouraged to come forward and delve into their dark desires, I will be more than happy to take you by the hand (or leash) and guide you through the dark passages of your own mind. Miss can certainly appreciate this may be nerve-wracking first step, and will do her upmost to ensure your mind and body is at ease before we begin.


Well trained, or experienced slaves are always welcomed as are those with strange and unusual Fetishes.


I relish in pushing the limits and boundaries of you loyal and experienced playthings, while perhaps introducing a few seductive games of my own.  


An elegant and inexorable Mistress who's alternative and fiendish sense of fun will pervade every corner of your wildest imagination.

From a young age, I have always had a penchant for the bizarre and unusual, a fascination which quickly led me into the wonderful world of BDSM and kink!

As a lifestyle Fetishist, I frequently attend a plethora of North-West and London based Fetish and FemmeDomme events. On occasion, I will allow lucky slaves to join us for the evening and indulge in some public play at these events.


Mutual respect is vital, just as I anticipate the utmost respect from my subjects, Miss will always respect your limits and accept reasonable requests - providing you ask politely of course!

Everyone has different limits and boundaries, so mutual respect in an integral rule in my gameplay.


Always ensure when contacting me whether by phone, or email, that you are clear, concise and respectful. Miss will always favour a courteous applicant.




TOURING LONDON: 28th Feb - 1st March